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Schubert’s hearing aid

The encyclopedia is a liar and a fraud
A dictionary won’t make you too smart
Franz Schubert was a scientist haunted by the thought
Of turning to an ending from the start

Reality is twisting like a mortal hurricane
Knowledge is a bird you’ll never chain
Franz Schubert was a painter inflected by the pain
That he was never able to refrain

Rome was built in one day
And the one-ear painter’s name was Monet
Franz realized, he could just believe his eyes
But he would not loose his head
Because of Schubert’s hearing aid

History is riddled with myths and fairy tales
It’s disciples are hypocrites and nerds
Franz Schubert was a novelist, got lost along the trails
Eventually he found his final words

Existence is agame and those who lose have never been
And those who are still there were not the same
Franz Schubert was a preacher and he qualified a sin
The inability of finishing this game

Rome was built …

Jesus died of cancer Americans are never rude
Mankind’s full of gallantry forthrightness is a platitude
Einstein was a bonehead, Middle East – the home of love and peace
Progression’s going on the rule of inability will shortly cease

Rome was built …

The crash of the stock exchange

I own half a dozen companies I’ve got 7 fancy cars
My taste in wine is legendary I’m not averse to good cigars
All my business is successful seems like I’ve got a magic touch
I love my wife and my four children, though I don’t see them too much

All my money is well invested ‘cause I know which stocks to choose
Emerging markets are increasing seems like Damne Fortune is my muse
My social network is amazing, I’ve got connections everywhere
My appearance is just perfect I’ve got style and I’ve got flair

There is nothing I can think of that could touch me deep within
Only one idea can make me jump out of my skin:

I’m not afraid of revolution
I’m not afraid of an angry crowd
I’m not afraid of clash of cultures
I’m not afraid of a war cloud
I’m not afraid of domestic violence
I’m not afraid of a shooting range
The only thing I fear is just the crash of the stock exchange

Well, my tailor lives in Paris my shoes were crafted in Milan
My lawyer never hesitates to sacrifice a pawn
I know when to act intransigent I tell you: I know how
My competitors surrendered a long time ago from now

I don’t care what people think I know the truth is on my side
I will always face a foe I never run, I never hide
My CV sounds like a storybook I face jealousy everywhere
Few people call me robber baron, but I tell you: I don’t care

There is nothing in the world it seems that I can not obtain
Only one distress I cannot get out of my brain:

I’m not afraid of separation
I’m not afraid of acting mad
I’m not afraid of superstition
I’m not afraid of being bad
I’m not afraid horror movies
I’m not afraid of acting strange
The only thing I fear is just the crash of the stock exchange

Vaclav got to do with It

He’s a joker, he’s a smoker
He’s a president
He’s a fighter, he’s a writer
Czech resident
His eyes are as blue as the sea
And his teeth are as yellow as can be

He’s no dude, he’s never rude
He knows the route to go
He loves spring, might know a thing
That no one else would know
His shirt is white like the clouds in the sky
And your eyes will get hurt by his tie

Some people may tell you his times are long gone
But there’s one thing I promise: they must be all wrong (cause)

Vaclav got to do with it
Vaclav is not yet through with it
Vaclav got to smoke three packs a day
Vaclav got to cough his guts away

He’s your friend until the end
He would not betray
If you don’t know which way to go
He will show some way
His hair will never turn grey
And his breath smells just like an ashtray

If someone might tell you his times past away
Just remember what I’m gonna say:

Vaclav gotto do with it

Some people will tell you his times are long gone
But there’s one thing I promise: they must be all wrong (cause)

Vaclav gotto do with it

The Brain of Niels Bohr

This song is about things
that may seem quite a bore
if you don`t look at them like
you never did before

So take a look at them
And think twice before you
say I don`t give
a damn

You may say that atoms
are just boring to the core
but something that was made of atoms
was the brain of Niels Bohr

He who made up the model
was certainly no bore
cause he built real big nukes, got
the Nobel Price before

so if you still see a dull sight
Then think of what
his theory can

You may say that atoms ....

take a look again
And think twice before you
say I don`t give
a damn

Here is the atom model: ...
A nucleus consisting of protons ...
and neutrons that groove together ...
and lots of electrons spinning around them ...
sometimes they collide ...
sometimes they form molecules
and sometimes they become the brain of Niels Bohr!

You may say that atoms ....